Felipe Milanez is nothing but a professional outrage promoter.

Felipe Milanez is not a serious journalist, is instead a paradigmatic example of a militant capable to do anything to submit his job to the dictates of his ideological commitment to his cause: nothing but  being a professional outrage promoter. He lies, distorts and invent when necessary and that is the problem of his grade of ideological engagement: he does anything to bring the reader as their interests and goals.

Indeed there is nothing new on the same “Milaneza” litany, only old nanichean advocacy journalism that barely disguises its political and ideological commitment of engaged fake-milaneza-journalism, who thinks that his personal prestige by being fired from National Geographic grants him the right to go on distorting the facts to composing his mitical versions that conform to the new dogmatic postmodern theology. In a world increasingly politicized, where competence, journalistic accuracy and balance do not yield readers MILANEZ stands out for its brilliant ability to creat exciting narratives, distorting the facts and inventing versions sufficiently teargas to suport any demand from the brasilian indigenous and environmentalist movement, to convince his readers the same supposed litany: genocide, ethonocide made by heartless capitalists pigs.

If the Brazilian agricultural sector is the most productive in the world is just because capitalist pigs dominate brazilian economy. If the Federal Police invades indigenous village tribe that was buried up to the neck with illegal mining… Ohhh my Gosh.. you see… brazilian genocide never ends, Brazil is the worst country in the world, bla, bla, bla… blep, blep, blep. Please Mr. Milaneza do brazilians a favor: You’ld do better if you stop lying and tarnishing the image of our country and people, and start working to build democratic solutions to ethnical conflicts, instead of make money, fame and name with them.

Brazil was the first South America country to have an Indian Protection Service that operates until today acting to ensure the rights and safety of our indigenous peoples. Of course we recognize that until a recent past many errors were committed against indigenous people, but today, Brazil is the country that has the highest percentage of productive territory under the dominium of the indians, and our parliament, government and society is still working hard to reduce the degree of conflict and confrontation disorders caused by territorial disputies.

Milanez is so unreputable and unreliable professional that he LIES openly and brazenly
and baseness of his actions is evident and clear when one reads and compares his own texts. A while ago I said that only those who know the facts have ability to know his lies. But today, as it distorts both MIND and he ends up forgetting what lied in earlier texts and just read and compare your own articles about me to contact your lies .

How is an avowed atheist he acts and writes his texts to directly reach the legitimate right of dialogue between human beings that is practiced upon exposure of their believes. To achieve its target MILANEZ creates fictitious scenarios that attempt to delegitimize this activity protected by the inviolable principle of freedom of conscience and belief, being guaranteed the free exercise of religious worship and interfaith dialogue .

Throughout his text attempts to delegitimize evangelical missionary activity of those men and women who dedicate their lives to a legitimate activity , constitutional and it uses any excuse to have at your fingertips !

Without any proof accuses them of having solids funded millionaire oil in their outreach activities, and even worse, try to disallow the legitimate efforts of Wai-wai in the legitimate expression of his evangelical faith shared by millions of people around the world, and even by locals, chestnut, maroons, caboclos, cholos, and indigenous.

At the end of his text he writes: “The agents in Santarém missionaries began to be hired by loggers and soy farmers in land dispute against indigenous peoples“. The desire to try to delegitimize the missionary activity is so great that here MILANEZ no longer cares more about the logic, nor reason nor with the truth, only the pure and declared defamation practice in which he is a graduate habitué .

The facts are known to all involved: No missionary, catholics or evangelicals absolutely none has ever been contacted by loggers or soy farmers nor at any time or in any occasion. Much less “in territorial dispute against indigenous peoples”. And that is easy to realize that for 2 reasons: 1 ) NO soy farmers is in GLEBA NOVA OLINDA (Milanez knows that there is NO soybeans farmes there, but this is just a naughty little lie to spice up his text ) 2 ) How can we read in his other  text (http://rollingstone.uol.com.br/edicao/49/medo-e-tensao-no-oeste)

I Edward Mantoanelli Luz AM NOT A EVANGELICAL MISSIONARY and have not related anyhow to those missionaries. I am rather a SOCIAL ANTRHROPOLOGIST that was hired by ACUTARM a Communitary Association of Rural Workers of the Rivers Aruã and Maró), a REPRESENTATIVE ENTITY of eleven (11) communities of these two rivers.

But you know that and You and the ethnical outrage promoter movement are scared because your so called “monopoly of good and truth” are threatened. Threatened when someone had the courage to alert Brazil that many amazonians caboclos mestizos are threatened by an spurious, illegitimate and reprehensible initiative of creation of Maró indigenous land that will directly affect their lives territory and proprierties of thoe people and all the regional economy.

I said and reaffirm despite what anthropologists employed and payed by FUNAI to demarcate that indigenous lands there are NO socio-cultural data and evidence to confirm the existence of a indian society in the lower Tapajós, or the trough Arapiuns. This is an exemplary case of ethnical identity manipulation that has become, despite being perverse, a increasingly phenomenon common widespread throughout Brazil. The case of communities that have only recently started to identify theirselves as “Borari” is a paradigmatic example to reveal at once, all perverse inversions and corruptions of this corrupt and corrupting scheme to obtain state benefits improperly. This is the spurious use of an important constitutional provision to prevent the economic activity of Sustainable Forest Management in the region of Gleba Nova Olinda. Anyone interested and want to read more about it you can check my posts in my blog : edwardluz.wordpress.com . The links are :




Felipe Milanez is not serious journalist is before the professional outrage promoter, who spends most of his time in europe making cramming Communist lecturing misleading about the conflict situation in the country, which he only helps increase by promoting warlike
posture that deliberately puts indigenous peoples against the brasilian nation and society.

He is a engaged new-generation leftist militant who found who pays for shocking, aggressive and teargas texts… all wroten according to the circumstances and time. What is his writing even wants to create is the hate against evangelical and catholical faith in Brazil. As a commitment to professionalism, with the truth and acting serious and respectful quality is no longer needed for advocacy journalism MILANEZ has a promising future.

Edward M. Luz.  Brasilian Anthropologist.


Sobre edwardluz

Contatos & WhatsApp: (061) 99314389, (062) 96514602 Sou Edward M. Luz antropólogo brasileiro, goiano, residente em Anápolis e Brasília, doutorando em Ciências Sociais pela Universidade de Brasília, mesma universidade onde cursou e concluiu graduação e mestrado em Antropologia Social (Lattes : http://lattes.cnpq.br/7968984077434644 ). Iniciei carreira profissional em trabalhos de identificações e delimitações de terras indígenas em 2003 e desde então exerci esta função de Antropólogo Consultor em três ocasiões, sempre contratado pelo convênio FUNAI/PPTAL. Durante os últimos sete anos trabalhei na identificação e demarcação de oito (8) terras indígenas, todas no estado do Amazonas. Sempre trabalhei orientado pelos artigos 231 e 232 do texto Constitucional, obediente à Portaria 14 e atento ao Decreto 1775/96 e acima de tudo, norteado pelos princípios acadêmicos de imparcialidade e cuidado aos quais acrescento sempre bom senso, equilíbrio e por um forte senso ética e responsabilidade com a vida dos meus interlocutores que estudo. A observância de tais princípios me colocou em rota de colisão com alguns antropólogos e sobretudo com a FUNAI, o que culminou com a rejeição de minha postura democrática e de diálogo com as partes envolvidas em demarcações de quilombos e Terras Indígenas. Independente de quem serão meus adversários continuarei batalhando contra e enfrentando esse perigoso processo político de etnicização do Brasil, esforçando-me por promover o diálogo, a postura democrática e as soluções racionais e dialogadas para o crescente conflito étnico no Brasil, mantido e estimulado por ONGs e órgãos que precisam desesperadamente do conflito para manterem e justificarem uma ideologia fracassada, que se espalha por ONGs, pela parte ideologicamente comprometida da universidade brasileira e sobretudo por servidores de importantes e respeitáveis instituições republicanas brasileiras que precisam ser resgatadas do pernicioso processo de aparelhamento político do estado a que foram submetidas. Continuo disposto a trabalhar em soluções republicanas e democráticas par as situações dos conflitos étnicos em todo território nacional. Edward Mantoanelli Luz. Antropólogo Consultor da Human Habitat Consultoria LTDA
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